Manufacturing Of Slot Machines

Manufacturing Of Slot Machines

SlotsAtronic America:

As the name shows, this company might be American. But that’s not true, this is a german company which was established in 1994 and now is ranked as the third largest manufacturer of the slot machines poker tips . They are known for their perfection in the manufacturing of their rings.

Aruze Corporation:

This company is a Japan based company. This company not only makes slot machines but also other casino machines and things. One of its branches is located in Vegas.

Bally gaming systems:

This company was established in 1968. Its known to have manufactured the first multi coin machine and first multi coin video machine. When the company was first established, it got its name in the higher ranking pretty soon. But later on its not that much on a boom but still known for its production.

IGT (International game technology):

This company is a multi national company. This company is so huge that it has all its branches spread around the globe. They are known to spread slot machines the highest. They also came up with the ticketing idea which was known as EZplay.


This company is a Japan based company known for creating video games and high end graphic games. They are also known for creating arcade video game machines. They started their slot machine manufacturing in 1973 and since then have earned a lot of name and fame for its higher quality machines.


This is a software development company which is known to have made the first online casino in the year 1994. This company is affiliated to around a hundred casinos for their manufacturing of machines.


This company is known to claim to be the highest spreaders of online gamin software. This company is software development company which is more into the online casino business.