About the Communication Activist

Hello everyone! My name is Lee Williams and I am a published author, critical thinker, and full time writer living in Florida. I am a passionate activist of reasonable communication in the media and society.  Follow me on my Facebook page, Twitter, or the Communication Activist Facebook page.

Interested in freelance writing?lee wms photo

I would love to help you with your writing project. Take a moment to review the posts featured on the Communication Activist website, as they are a sample of my writing and research methods. My educational background includes:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing from Florida State University
  • Masters degree in Communication from the University of Central Florida
  • Graduate certificate in editing and publishing
  • Experienced book editor, proposal writer, and ghost-writer

If you would like to contact me for freelance work, please fill out the form below and I will be in touch. Let’s connect!

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