Donald Sterling with Ex-Girlfriend

Donald Sterling and How to Properly Market Bigotry

By Lee Williams (@Lee_Wms)

The scandal featuring Los Angeles Clippers team owner Donald Sterling has it all–racial controversy, gold diggers, illegal wiretapping, a scorned wife, and hundreds of millions of dollars on the line. This story features classic American themes of greed, lust, and racism, which are all the major ingredients of a media explosion.  Read More

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Weekly Short: Beyonce’s Misguided Feminism

By Lee Williams, Communications Activist 

Ever since I have written about America’s Pursuit of Unattainable Beauty, I have been keenly alert to issues within current feminism. On a fundamental level, feminism is supposed to be about women’s equality. As simple as that definition is, its also effortless to see what feminism is not. And what Beyonce did during her “Drunk in Love” Grammy performance was assuredly anti-feminist. Though die-hard Beyonce fans may storm my page and skewer me like the Spartans of 300, I find her portrayal of “feminism” to be insulting to the common sense of women.  Read More